Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

There are many FAQs about Web Hosting Services but some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Web Hosting Services are mentioned below;

Web hosting is all about simplifying the websites in storing data that keeps the site get going for clients. Every site that is online has a host that is to manage the web traffic and storage. Not every host provider has the same quality of hosting values. But what give a host a trimming success is the up-time, and the speed and quantity of data transfers.


Actually there would be a server that will have the whole certified allocation. If any client want any area that will called hosting, he /she must has to reserve it for the purpose. The main server will assign that hosting to that client after getting the payment accordingly. Now that hosting will belong to that person to share space to multiple different clients so on. So that mean a single server can carry multiple of users simultaneously. It is a good locality to run small business websites, for multiple purposes.


As you paid for the required hosting, of that moment you’ll get your login element.

Yes, we have provided this opportunity to our clients, if you are not getting satisfied. No worry at all, we’ll refund your payment within 30 days but after deduction of taxes.


Not at all, It is clearly distinguish in our refund policy. We will never refund this at any rate but providing a support that might help you to take you out from such circumstances.


Surely, You can make business email account using through CPanal. The support center will surely guide you related your email at earliest.

No way, we always develop ease to our customer as we could do,wanna introduce you with Softaculous; is a commercial script library that automates the installation of commercial and open source web applications to a website with one click. We are providing to our customer with one-click installation service. We will never recommend to our customer for the wastage of the golden time.


Definitely, You can reset it by clicking on “forget the password” by passing from some resetting procedure that is required for the authentication of the right hand.


Yes your provided data is secured either it’s related to your site or your payment, That is confidential, you’ll be secured.

We have multiple of payment gateways for the ease of the customers that include, Jazz cash & Easy Paisa (mainly for the clients of Indo-Pak region) bank transfers, credit and debit cards payments, PayPal, because these are the gateways through which our clients use to pay us.