Terms Of Service

Read Hosting Mart Terms of Service carefully before using our site and signing up for any service that Hosting Mart offers.

Hostingmart offers a great range of services to suit everyone’s needs/requirements and the prices to suit everyone’s pockets. The payments you pay, are based on the plan you choose and any add-on products you purchase. All payments are taken, in advance, for the full term of your plan.

    1. We have the policy if the clients have paid for the service and are not satisfied we return the money (after deduction of taxes) within 30 days as per agreement.
    2. We request you to be patient in the case of payment when you paid, some legal verification will apply that takes some time.
    3. We use web servers. This means that the servers which can open up the file in the browsers. The types may be called as the list goes. e.g. HTML, SQL, PHP, JPG, PNG, GIF, XML, SWF, PDF. Some files don’t get opened in browsers which are the download/multimedia files. These files required particular software to be opened. Be aware of that.
    4. Offshore Hosting and account holders are supposed to follow strictly to use nulled scripts e.g. Rapidshare etc. but we never allow you to go for either proxy sites or adult legal content. Neither torrent trackers nor downloading from the file-sharing site.
    5. We must suggest to our client to keep the backup. We are not responsible for any loss of data or any amendment if occurs.
    6. If we somehow, tracked out any hacking material, any malware, scam pages, any copyrighted material, any virus, or anything that interrogate your integrity towards the business you are dealing with us, we have the right to swing your account or terminate our services with an official notice.
    7. There is a policy in our project to removing of aberrant content and operator as soon as anybody is caught red-handed. If you try to breach certain professional parameters exactly you are letting us do such with your hand. Even if, we always remain courteous to our customers and always bring to their notice before taking any action.
    8. Spamming or any type of phishing is strictly prohibited while working with us.
    9. Any obscene or vile doing is called such as coping to copyrighted software, harassment, fraud or trafficking so on.
    10. Adult sites are only allowed when you are pursuing your business carrying adult products. This may include adult medicines, adult lingerie. Moreover, pornographic content is strictly prohibited on our platform.
    11. We are strictly violating the adult sites as pornographic on our platform, but some sites when you are pursuing your business caring the products of adult medicines, adult lingerie, or such material. This may include Hosting of Game, File and Web Server, Hacking / Cracking / Carding, Mail Bombers, Any type of sniffers, IP Spoofer, Port Scanner, Proxy Servers / Websites, Fake Login Pages or any kind of Phishing. We will terminate the clients