Refund Policy

We Are Providing A Customer-Satisfying Policy That Will Must Please You To Connect With Our Company. The Customers, Who Are Connected Since 2 Years With Our Platform They Are Satisfied With Our Services, And Love To Work With Us.

The Refund Policy Has Two Fundamentals;

  1. If you have purchased the domain, and you are thinking to refund it, we are making sure that this will be rejected. Because it is against our Policy.
  2. But if you are supposed to refund the purchased hosting that will be accepted to return after deduction of taxes.
  3. We would freely avail the option of leaving our platform if you are not getting satisfaction we will let you go in a second incases. We have this standard and official platform where we bound our customer with the spell of love, dedication and hard work that proves our honesty.
  4. Our standard time for the refund is; we offer you a 30-days money back guarantee on the same platform through which you have paid us while taking our services. We have multiple of payment gateways for the ease of the customers that include, Jazz cash & Easy Paisa (mainly for the clients of Indo-Pak region) bank transfers, credit and debit cards payments, PayPal, because these are the gateways through which our clients use to pay us.
  5. The payment which you’ll pay that will be in you and us, it is most confidential, private and intimate, So we are concerned about these matters, our clients are very well aware of it.
  6. Electing the above ways of payment, you can pay and get back your money from the same station if by some means; you decide to not work with us or in the case of violating the things which we have described in our policy.
  7. The most highlighted property is we are having to identity verification system. So, we take a bit supplementary details from the client. This is just because if you ask to apply for the refund policy we ship you through that process of verification so that your money would be safe to being property of any crook person i.e. claiming to be you.
  8. Our service is reliable, trustworthy, and stress-free for the client to invest money for the sake of any service.